Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Started With . . .

The graphic that I have blogged about recently began
as a . . . .
graphic butterfly that I created in Photoshop--utilizing some of the many options that are available. I then multiplied the graphic into . . .

the five butterflies you see above. Then it was time to have a lot of "Filtering" fun.
Photoshop can be a fascinating way to color-I have always enjoyed coloring-and a natural place for me to spend time. I see it as a cross between doodle art and coloring. Very relaxing :)
Doodling is a big part of the way my Creator God wired me. I am able to listen more attentively, meditate and troubleshoot a problem while doodling. It helps me to concentrate. There is a down side to doodling though--it can be addictive. If left unchecked-like many other interests-it can become an obsession. So I try to balance my time and not allow myself to become tooooo absorbed into the doodle art world.

Enough about me . . . how about you? What helps you to think, reason and even meditate on the mysterious ways of Creator Jesus?

Thank you Cayla, for you comments and encouragement :) Hey, I just checked in on your site to get the link and I saw some changes going on there--looking great :) You are so awesome :)

May the most blessed presence of the Lord Jesus Christ be with us all in a very special way this day--as we only have today :)


Heath Clan said...

Darn, I already saw the picture so I can't guess! Oh well, that is very cool.

I doodle to remember things. You should have seen my notes from college lectures and the like. I have bricks and flowers all over 'em. I like sequential, building block kind of things. Now you should see Steve L.'s doodles from Tim's sermons! That man is incredible! I am not just saying that because we like him either.

Sharon said...

Sorry I didn't wait just one more day so that you could guess :(
Is Steve the one that sketched Jack B's "Keter," dog? I think that I have heard about his artistic ability.
I doodle leaves. They are my favorite thing to draw. All types and shapes and sizes. Leaves, leaves, leaves :)

Heath Clan said...

Most likely:)