Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another New Look and Other Thoughts . . .

I think this is the background that I will stay with for fall :)
Who knows?
I am not usually a yellow liker unless it is on our Creator's paint pallet. In my opinion it is not a good color for walls, material and the like. That was before re- discovering SUNFLOWERS :) I have fallen in like with the great beauty's. In fact the very next doll on the drawing board is one dressed in lots and lots of sunflowers :) She will have a happy, sunny look to her so I will need to come up with a name that suits her personality.
So how is your day going?


Heath Clan said...

I love sunflowers too.

How about Anne for your doll? Like Anne Shirley...definately a perky personality.

Miss you. Sorry I haven't stopped by on your blog recently.

Sharon said...

Kendra :)
I miss you tooooo and am very happy to see your comment this morning :)

Anne is a great name--I will give it some real thought, thanks.

You are forgiven for not stopping by and commenting. I totally understand as I too have not visited many blogs lately.

Must go and get ready for Bible study--Praise God for Thursdays :)

Love you,

Rebecca said...

Hi Sharon,

Unlike you I love yellow. I dream of building a house someday and having a bright, chipper yellow kitchen. One that I can't wait to get out of bed in the mornings and come peacefully in to, drinking coffee with Tim and preparing breakfast for my children. (I guess I do that's just that my kitchen color isn't so happy and cheery.) I also want gingham blue valances on my windows. Someday...

Did you come up with a name for your doll? How about Rebecca? That is always a wonderful name to consider. But if not Rebecca, there's always Katie, Cayla, or Larah. Or even Kendra. I can't wait to see her.

Sharon said...

Rebecca :)
I am still trying to finish "Rebecca of the Prairie," so Rebecca is in use but the other names you mentioned are very good ideas as well :) I hope to have "Rebecca" finished by next Thursday so that I can bring her to Bible study :)

My tastes are gradually changing and yellow is starting to grow on me a bit more. I am not to the point of painting a wall with it but if you painted your kitchen yellow I would enjoy it with you :) Especially adding the gingham curtains--nice touch :)

Back to the name thing . . . I have thought of using names of actual people and try to capture just a bit of their personality as well :) Might be fun as long as the person is not easily offended cause most of my dolls will be overstuffed a bit to make them more of an arm full of love :)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Love you,
P.S. Thanks again for the awesome binding job :)

CDJ said...

Carrie Ann. It must be.
Glad you're back.