Monday, November 24, 2008

My Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY ~ November 24, 2008
Outside my window...The sun is peeking through clouds and it promises to be a brighter day.

I am thinking...that I can not believe that we are almost to the end of November. Not sure if it is me, getting old or the like but time seems to be going faster these days.

I am thankful for...this day--the only one that I have. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised. Only this second that I draw deep breath matters. I am thankful for the deep breath I am able to draw in and exhale. For the life given to me to abide in my precious Savior, Lord,  and friend--Jesus Christ.He is enough for me :)

From the sewing room...(I do not have children at home to speak of from the learning room)  Still working on the dolls for the bazaar this week-end. I have completed the following soft stuffed dolls: (1) 36inch named "Rebecca of the Prairie, (1) 22 inch named "Suzie Sunshine," (1) sock doll baby named "Amy." 
Ornaments: (5) small doily Angel's, (1) large doily Angel, (4) Angel heads.  I am still working as fast as my lil fingers will work to complete more in the next two days.

From the kitchen...All is quiet at the moment but dishes await.

I am home comfy cozy stuff.

I am creating...hang tags with scripture that will accompany the dolls and angels.

I am spend a good deal of time in my little Doll House RV today. Someday I may have an actual crafts room but for know I am content with my small space for one work room.

I am reading...I am listening to an audio book.

I am get much accomplished today.

I am hearing...a barking neighbor dog which triggers a loud response from our wiggle waggle wookie!!

Around the house...much to be accomplished before the sun goes down--which is so much earlier these days. Preparations for our first Thanksgiving in our-new to us-home :)

One of my favorite things...baking pies :) I will be baking homemade pumpkin, lemon, Chocolate and possibly custard pies for our feast this year. :)

A few plans for the rest of the week: finish up preps for the bazaar and for Thanksgiving :) 
Lots of cooking and baking as our daughters are coming to join us in a very thankful feast :)

Here is picture thought I am sharing...
 In 1970-71 we lived on the beautiful island of Guam while George was in the Airforce.
We have stood where the arrow points. Of course there were no buildings--just wild beautiful land.
We used to climb up there and watch the incredible sunsets.
Wow, changes really do happen and Guam has really changed.
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Rebecca said...

Where are you doing your bazaar? I would like to come if it works out. I am anxious to see the things you have made. Have a great day.

Sharon said...

I will be with Jack and Arla in Packwood at the "Holiday Lane" bazaar :) Saturday from 9-5 at the fire hall.
Please do come and see us :) That would be a good time for you to pick up your Angel :)
Rebecca, I am very thankful that our Father brought you and your family to Randle :) We are all so blessed by all of you :)