Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow . . .

Can't stop it so why not enjoy it :)

It started snowing last night about the time we were on our way back home from "Out town," and hasn't stopped since and in fact is presently coming down in bucket loads :)

 Backyard earlier this morning--8 + inches on the walkway :O  Depending on what area of the property you stand we have approx. between 8-12inches
The end of our driveway looking over toward the neighbors. 
Looks like one of their lines are down but can't tell which 
one. They lost some big branches off a couple trees. 

Looking through our Rhododendron bushes-now almost on the 
ground-and a bit toward the West of the front of our house. 

View of about the same area as above. Our poor bushes and trees are really taking a beating. Most will bounce back but we all may loose some as this snow is absolutely heavy!! 
All pictures-except for the backyard-were taken from the front window--which I opened :) 
The camera belongs to our daughter Heather--thanks Boo :)

I would venture out and make snow angels but would probably get stuck in the snow and then they would have to call 911 and get a crane and and then King 5 would show up .  .  . on second thought maybe I will admire it from a far :) At least not roll in it . . . but it is awfully tempting. Hey, I wonder if ole Nana girl would be able to pull me out if I got in trouble?? Hummmmmmmmmm, now that is a thought :)

Hope you are enjoying your day :)


Rebecca said...


I'll make snow angels if you'll make snow angels. That way we can both get stuck and help each other. But then again, I'm not too sure how much help this fat, pregnant lady would be.

Love the pictures. Isn't the snow just beautiful?

Sharon said...

Yes it is beautiful ;)
Well for that matter Rebecca, I am not sure how much this fat un-pregnant lady would be able to help . . . so there we are stuck in the snow till someone comes to our rescue :( That might be a play date that we should rethink.