Saturday, January 31, 2009

Welcoming February :)

I love February :) Probably because I really enjoy hearts and flowers--as you can probably tell ;)
February has two very special anniversary's for us. Looks like both will be remembered and celebrated on Valentines day :)

Anniversary 1: I stopped smoking 27 years ago as of this Feb. 14, 2009 :)

Anniversary 2: The Lord brought us to our present-Valentines colored-home February 16, 2008!! My man is still saying, "The pink has to go--SOON!"

Though love is to be celebrated every day--February seems to be a time of going out of the way to share in extra special little ways.

What do you remember/celebrate about past Februaries?

When I was but a wee girl-seems like just yesterday-I would stay up late filling out Valentines and putting the finishing touches on my very own Valentines box :)

Leave me a comment and share your memories :)

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