Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Simple Devotion

For Today...February 18, 2009

Dear Lord,
I bring you my shortcomings...oh me of little faith. Lord, I truly regret that there are still times when I doubt Your intent towards me . . . Why do I do that? You have never been anything but good to me. Would You please forgive me, cleanse my heart and renew a right Spirit within me?

I bring you my worship and praise... I worship You as the God Most High--Righteous in all Your Ways. I Praise You because You are praise worthy. I thank You for You alone bring healing to my heart when there seems to be no hope of health.
I praise and thank You for the way You can take a broken and contrite heart, apply Your healing Balm and completely cure that sin-anything that takes my time away from You-which twists and turns deep within.

I bring you my prayer... request of hope and strength for today's journey. I pray that my husband and I will continue walking in the Way and that You will receive great glory and honor as we stick to Your path of Righteousness :)

You spoke to me... You continue to speak to me in Your Word. In the precious sweet smile of a young girl who has a heart for others. In the song of a sweet bird that sings of coming Spring though everything around still shows of the deep sleep of Winter.
You speak to me in the satisfaction of this days work well done. You speak deep to my heart of Your love everlasting. You bring the comfort of knowing that today is the day in which You have made and I can rejoice--You are enough.

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Karinann said...

I enjoyed reading your Simple Devotions- yes He is enough! I just need to remeber that. I loved your blog- the adorable little girl pouring the tea led me to another good Catholic site. I put her on my blog as well. Thanks and
God Bless!

Sharon said...

Karinann, thank you for stopping by--You are most welcome here. Please stop by again :)

May you enjoy the most precious blessing of all--Jesus' great presence

A Gracious Home said...

I enjoyed your devotion for today. Your blog is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Doylene