Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A New Look Because . . .

The Son is Rising in the Garden  :)
Each new day brings hope and promise of new growth as together my man and I allow the Lord to dig deep into the furrows of our entwined hearts. It is a most exciting/scary time for us as we explore the deep riches of our God Most High.

Exciting because we know not what new experience(s) our Lord will bring to us.

Scary because we know not what new experience(s) our Lord will bring to us.

No matter what--we have resolved within our hearts to walk as uprightly as Jesus continues to enable us to walk and be pliable unto His great hands :)

May the greatest blessing known-the presence of Jesus-be with you today and always :)


Rebecca said...

I love the new look...especially the tree to the right...the one with the initials on it. That's so cool. I am so excited for you and your hubby as you venture down this path TOGETHER!!! Praise God for his wisdom, direction and guidance.

Sharon said...

Hello my dear friend Rebecca,
Thank you for stopping in and leaving such a sweet comment :)
I love the barkiness-new word-of it all as I have longed to carve our initials into a grand old tree. Now that we have our own little parcel I am thinking that we need to get serious about doing that very thing :) Now I realize that trees do die but our initials could be saved by saving the portion with the carving. I even have a tree in mind but will wait for that reveal at a later date ;)
I am still praying about beginning the plotting out of the "In My Father's Garden--Garden"
Love and hugs,