Wednesday, July 23, 2008

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 :)

That is how many down right plump and luscious Bing Cherries I am allowed. Wow, what a blessing to my mouth. Oops, guess I best watch that juice running down the side of my mouth. Not old age just gooooood cherries.

They are a gift from our daughter Heather.
Thank you sooooo much beautiful daughter

Why only 12 when my mouth says MORE? Well, the Lord has gifted me with Diabetes of late. Why on earth would I call it a gift? Because my friend, it is. You see if He allowed me to continue in the carbaholic destructive lifestyle that I was in . . . oh how it would be sooooo much worse. But because He loves me, He tapped me on the backside with a 2 x 4 size wake up call. Hey, He used to have to use 2 x 12's. He is definitely working on me and most of the time it doesn't take such big pieces of wood to wake me up.

OK, maybe now and then a 2 x 12 is used just to remind me how far He has brought me. Thank you Lord :)

Yes, the diagnosis hurt but I see the wisdom in His ways. Left on my own I am very self destructive. In fact it is a continual irritation that I still struggle with letting God be God in my daily living. He is far more capable of living my life than I am and I want His total control in my life . . . and yet I struggle. Though He has proved countless times that He is worthy of my trust, still I struggle. Oh for the day when I finally get it. Until that day my Long suffering Father continues to invite me to hand over my burdens. He continues to teach me to live for today and leave tomorrow behind. Gee, kinda like a very young (to me he is young) but oh soooo wise Pastor I know who continually says, "live in today."

So each day I rise and ask the Lord, "Lord what are we working on today?" and He always seems to answer, "Well daughter, how about we work on this trusting thing. You know where you let go and let Me be God."

He always has examples waiting to make His point because our God is Creative and can and will provide situations/reasons that press us to trust Him.

Just a bit of "food" for thought.

May your day be filled with the sweet juices of His perfecting ways.

Praise the Name of Jesus for He is worthy of all our praise.


Hug~A~Boo said...

Just to let ya know I stopped by to read..LOVING your blogging mom!...and am happy you enjoyed the cherries,..we thought you would!..We are still working on our other ..BIG Yummmmyyyyy....Love you! Keep blogging!

Rebecca said...

I, too, love reading your blog. I am so excited you have written. And indeed you do have a very wise pastor. Would you believe I have taught him everything he knows? Uh-huh!!! Love you!

Sharon said...

It is no stretch of the imagination to think that you taught your man everything he knows . . . cause Tim Walker has the most beautiful, talented, compassionate, joyfullest, wonderful wife on this planet and I know that he and your children join me in rising up and calling you blessed.

Of course Tim has to be one smart cookie to recognize the value in marring such a wonderful woman :)

I am so very excited to read on your blog of the new life growing inside of you :) Keep me updated and let me know how I can bless you both :)

Yea God :)

Love you,