Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'v Been Tagged :O

My dear friend Kendra and yes, she is very dear, has tagged me. She said it was to encourage me and one other to write another post. I shall do my best.
Please Forgive me if it isn't quite the way it should be written. The following is what came to my mind and when I looked back on it I realized it isn't exactly random.

One: When I was about 15, I was helped up onto the back of a race horse and sent across our road to "safely" ride in an open field. The horse was fine until we entered the large field and then “we were off,” like a shot, not being all that brave on a horse I hung on for dear life and screamed across the length of the field barely holding on. I wanted to die, fall off or just get the stupid horse to “WHOA.” Finally after the whole some of my short lived 15 years passed before me, he made an abrupt stop and acted like nothing had happened. I on the other hand could not wait to get him back home. I didn’t dare try to get off of him because of the possible rattlers in the field and the fact that I was a mere 5’2’’ and he was a giant of 16 or so hands and far from the ground. Wow, that was definitely the wildest ride I have ever experienced, at least on the back of a horse.
Two: George and I were married September 12, 1970 and he left for Guam two months later. He was under four years in the Air Force so they did not care that they ripped my new husband from the arms of his new bride of hardly two months. After about six months I could not take the separation any longer and sold his car (long story that we kind of don’t talk about anymore . . . shhhh don’t bring it up) so that I could buy a plane ticket to Guam. Yup, that is just what I did and showed up at the airport to say, “hi honey I’m home,” only wait, that’s right we don’t have a house yet :O Oh my, now what ya gonna do George?? Scramble of course.You have never seen the military move so fast in your life and by that evening they put us up at the Officers quarters, bless their compassionate hearts. We stayed there for three nights while everyone scrambled to find us living quarters.
Three: The story continues . . . fast forward 10 months to coming home time. I am now not quite a month pregnant with our first daughter Linda. Like I said we were under four years which means they really don’t have to pay for your way home. Gee, I wanted to see George so bad that I didn't think about how I was going to get back home. Once again my honey called on some friends and got us both on a plane to come home. Never mind that we lived in the Air Port at Anderson Air Base for three days . . . me trying hard not to up chuck all over the place. Anyway . . . we finally boarded the air plane, took off and climbed up to almost 30K feet and then . . . all of a sudden the plane made a sharp left downward turn dropping rapidly to 10K feet and leveling off. The quick change in altitude was so powerful that we almost experienced weightlessness. Kind of like the Air Force's Vomit Comet only without the padded walls.
There was a lady on board who was about 6months pregnant and I could hear her screaming. She told me later that it felt like the baby was being ripped out of her womb. It was awful. After we leveled off to land the pilot came on and said that we had to return to the Air Port for an emergency. That emergency turned out to be a high altitude bomb threat that was made by a very intoxicated Lt. Coronal. Or used to be . . . straight to Leavenworth he went (we think) and I wanted to swim home even though I can’t swim a lick. We did board the same plane to come home and flew very fast to make up time to reach our connections in San Francisco We finally arrived in Portland to find out that we missed our flight into Yakima and had to wait at the Airport for 8 hours.
Four: I worked a few years in Intensive Care (in an Eastern WA hospital) as a Unit Secretary/Ward Clerk. During that time I had opportunity to observe many incredibly sad situations. One such moment came when a toddler, who had fallen into the parent’s pool, was taken off life support after a very valiant attempt to sustain life failed. I watched as the family made that excruciating decision which was followed by the dreaded wait.
They were believers so I know that they were not alone in their grief. Though I was an outsider gifted with the privilege of watching the powerful hand of Almighty God, the process had a powerful effect with my own walk with Christ. I can see the scene taking place before my eyes as I type.
God is the Creator and Sustainer of life and when times such as this take place with His children, He is in the midst of them and His blessed presence is felt by all onlookers.

Five: Along with about 8 other North Americans, I ran across six lanes of crazy busy traffic down town Rio at 11:00 pm trying very hard not to get run over. Then in 2002 I was almost run over by a Rio City bus in broad daylight. I was crossing in a cross walk because the animated little man was showing that it was safe. But it was not because no pedestrian in Rio is safe, anytime or anywhere. Don’t get me wrong I love Brazil.
Six: I am a woman who has actually had the opportunity to pee through a Brazilian diamond. Wow, that is probably way to much info but if you really want to know more . . . just leave a comment and ask to hear the “hole story.”
Wow, what started as a time to share 6 random things about myself ended up showing me the Grace and Mercy of our God. He has protected me in so many ways and I guess I needed to remember a few of them.

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
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6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.
Now I am to tag six people :) Hummmmmmmmm how about three for now and the rest later when I have more people (y'all used up the ones I know)

1. Bobbi at Queen Mother Chronicle's

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3. Cari at Certainly Discovering Joy


CDJ said...

Hi Sharon! I'm your "young pastor"s slightly older sister. I saw your award on Rebecca's blog and wanted to drop in to say "Hi". I enjoy how easily you share...I'll be back.

Sharon said...

Cari, I am so glad that you are coming back.

By visiting today you have won the most coveted Tag award. Yup, Tag your it :)

I really enjoy reading your stories about you and RBC's "young pastor."

To me everyone under 50 is very young indeed :)

Heath Clan said...

Dear Sharon,

I think you did just fine. Don't worry if you didn't do everything right.

I forgot to comment on each person's blog that I had tagged them. I haven't even tackled Caleb's tag yet. I drained all my resources with my six. I don't know who on earth Caleb could tag. Maybe I will just let him do the random thing.

I probably have broken the chain...

I need to get going on the house and all that I should be doing. I am soooooooo unmotivated. Do you think if I sit around in my jammies with a book all day the gnomes will show up and do it all?

I didn't think so either. I guess I will get on it and drink another cup of coffee to wash down some B12 and Spirulina. Maybe that will help some.

Hug~A~Boo said...

Ok,..Now Mom,..It's not fair to tell me you posted a new blog for me to read,..but to perty much tell me I can't enlighten the story just isn't fair,..I am soooo Laughing...@ 6 !

Biting my tongue...and duct taping my fingers so I don't enlighten pple to as paul harvey would say " The Rest Of The Story" Love ya!

Rebecca said...

I'm waiting to hear the whole story. Sounds interesting.