Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One Mighty Fine Recipe . . .

In my very first, "My Simple Woman's Daybook," submitted on Tuesday this week instead of Monday as I am suppose to post, I answered the "I am creating," question by stating that I am going to publish a family style cookbook for our girls. In order to get inspired, I am looking through all my cookbooks. In doing so I ran across a recipe that we all need to have tucked away for that just in case day that can happen to all of us. Following you will find said recipe and a few extra "Options" and "Hints," of my own at the end.

For your enjoyment:

Tucker's Stew for an Army

2 Large Buffalo
2 Rabbits
Brown Gravy (Lots)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Cut buffalo into bite-sized pieces, (this will take about 2 months, so start early). Reserve the heads and tails as you will need something to store the pieces in.

After it is all cut up, put in a large pot and add enough brown gravy to cover the meat.

Vegetables, etc., may be added at this time, to taste. Cook stew over a kerosene fire about four weeks at 400° F. Periodically add water and stir.

This will serve about 3937 people. If more guests are expected, the 2 rabbits may be added, but do this only if necessary as most people do not like fine hare in their stew.

Susan Russell
RSVP Cookbook
Providence Medical Center
Yakima, WA

Now for my Options and Hints :)
Since not everyone has access to "Buffalo," as we actually do in this area, the following substitutions could possibly be made.

3 Large big daddy Elk
1 big ole Brown Bear or Black Bear if you prefer depending on availability in your area. I suggest that if using bear that you add 3 very plump sage hens to help neutralize the sometimes very strong flavor of bear fat.

See Miss Rebecca at The Washington Walker's for great tasting ideas of how to prepare bear meat. After all she is the Queen of good eats and especially talented in the preparation of bear meat.

Instead of feeding an "Army," I'm a thinkin this large recipe could be used as a community type BBQ to raise money for our Church's recently formed Chain Saw Disaster Relief Team.
Wait a minute, hold the phone Alice, "Idea!"
The Chain Saw team could use the butchering of said animal(s) as chain saw practice.
Hummmmmmmmmmmm, it's a thought.

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Heath Clan said...

Use it for chainsaw practice now there is a thought! I could see the publicity on that one!!!! Good thing we live in the Boondocks or we might have zoning issues:)

Sharon said...

Yikes never gave that a thought :O
That could be an issue but thankfully we do live in the Boondocks. I think we would have a pretty good turn out :)
Anyway it sure sounds like fun to
me :)