Monday, August 25, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today

Outside My Window...I see intermittent sunshine.

I am thinking...that summer is almost to an end and fall is quickly coming though I am not quite ready for this change. Praise Creator God that He holds the changing seasons in His great and capable hands.

I am thankful while it is today :)

From the kitchen...not much is going on right now. We are having "leftovers" of homemade recipe of—Mouthwatering Beef Stew—from last night’s menu. The "Mouthwatering" description is a quote from my honey.

I am wearing...khaki shorts and light blue top. I tend to wear shorts year round as I am very warm blooded :)

I am creating...still working on the cookbook—that I am now co-authoring with my honey—he has taken a fancy to the idea, especially the part about being the taste tester. He has many good ideas and remembrances that I welcome wholeheartedly.

I am bake a pie this week, must be the weather. It is more likely that it is that our oldest daughter is coming by again this week with her family. The guys are providing some badly needed "muscle" to help clear a large area of our little half acre plus. After that is finished, I will be able to begin to utilize the best birthday present I have ever received, land of my very own. Plans will have a chance to come to fruition sooner that I thought :) More on that later :)

I am reading...I Saw the Lord by Anne Graham Lotz.

I am hoping...that the weather holds so that the clearing can be accomplished in a timely safe manner.

I am hearing...At The Foot of The Cross by Kathyrn Scott.
Around the house...pretty quiet again today. Need to get up and start vacuuming though ;)

One of my favorite things...Worshiping my Abba in my humble everyday ways. In return Abba pours out extraordinarily from His heart . . . showing me just how unworthy I am of His love. The worship becomes an all consuming fire that washes over my whole being. I am left with the realization of how I can never measure up and reminded once again that I don't have to worry because Christ's blood makes me measurable in my Abba's eyes. Thank You Jesus :)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...continue on even though the walk sometimes has great strife and difficulty. I refuse to continue instead of giving in or up. Praise Almighty Jesus. Prepare for our daughters coming. Work on cookbook and work in garden, weather permitting.

Here is picture thought I am sharing
This is a photo of our-new to us-home. The red arrow
points to the area that needs clearing.
After cleared and ground prepared it
will become the literal home of
In My Father's Garden :)
The best birthday present my honey
has ever given me :)

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KarenW said...

Homemade beef stew sounds delicious!

Rebecca said...

I love reading your daybook. You are always so encouraging and uplifting. Your light shines.

Sharon said...

Thanks Rebecca :)
You are a great encourager yourself and by the way--thanks for encouraging me to blog :) Though I felt a bit uneasy in the beginning, I love it know :)
Back at ya with the shining light . . . yours doesn't stop at shining, you glow girl :)

Heath Clan said...

We shoulda bought George some exterior paint for his birthday:) As I notice the house is still pink.

Love you guys.