Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Has Arrived :)

Last night or early this morning the temp dropped to 30°F--good thing we picked the zucchini late last night. Somehow we just new it was going to freeze. My honey phoned from work to ask if I had checked on the garden--I confessed that I had looked at the garden through the window but not ventured out to check it first hand.

In case you noticed that I have changed the background-again-I am still "Learning" how to create them in Photoshop. At least "Learning" is the reason I am giving for spending so much time doing something that I really enjoy :) Call it a little celebration of Fall :)

Today I will begin the preparations for canning Apple Butter. It doesn't take long to prepare the apples--I use a Victorio Strainer. The spiced applesauce mixture does however have to simmer a long time in the oven for it to have the traditional "Apple butter" taste that my family enjoys. That means I must walk away from my computer and GET TO WORK :)

I haven't forgotten to post "My Simple Woman's Daybook," I am struggling with some "old stuff," and could not paint on a happy face in order to post. I will try to complete one later today :)

May your day go well as you step deep into the footsteps that are prepared and waiting for you :)

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