Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Get Out the Photoshop Crayons and Let's Have Some Fun :)

The picture posted is a Photoshop creation by me :) I told you that I really enjoy "Learning" about Photoshop.
See if you can tell me what the main design was that I started with :) I began with a more-normal-piece of graphic art that I created and then it became the fall colored design that you see below.
So what did I start with?
Actually it might make a good quilt fabric if you like to sew with dizzying patterns.
Let me know what you think it is :)
Can you tell I really enjoy jewel tone colors? I think that might be one reason I enjoy fall so much--all of the rich colors that are poured out from my Father's hand.


Hug~A~Boo said...

I am .....clueless...hmmmm

Rebecca said...

Cayla says a Chinese bowl. I say it is a polka dotted cow sitting in a field of multicolored sunflowers.

Sharon said...

Oh how funny :)
Rebecca, I love your sense of humor :) You have a very unique way of looking at things :) I am sure that I will awake in the middle of the night laughing at the visual that you just drew for me. Tooooo funny :) Love it :)
Now I am feeling challenged to draw-or find a photo of-a "Polka Dotted cow sitting in a field of multicolored sunflowers," and swirl em :)
Love you both :)
Thanks for your input :)

Cayla said...

You are an awesome artist Mrs. Sharon. But are you ever going to tell us what the picture is? Well I've got to get back to school. Bye.

Sharon said...

You are so very kind. Yes, I will "show" you what I started with :)
Love you and have a good day in school.