Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Simple Woman's Daybook

Tuesday September 2, 2008

Outside My Window...the sun is actually shining :) The wind is blowing a bit and last night was very cold.

I am thinking...I should be doing a lot of things but I am determined to follow through with writing my "Daybook" even if it is Tuesday instead of Monday as it was designed for.

I am thankful for...a longsuffering husband who has stayed the course for almost 38 years--come September 12, 2008.

From the kitchen...there is not as much happening as there should be, since I am suppose to be baking-homemade Angel Food cakes-for my longsuffering honey :)

I am wearing...believe it or not I am in my robe as I just finally made it out of the shower :) I am so far behind today. My honey had the last four days off and I am still trying to get back on schedule :)

I am creating...I have temporarily put down the family cookbook because of a lack of time and picked up the sewing supplies to work on a new project that I need to get finished by end of October.

I am going...to eventually use up the many eggs that we were gifted with :) That is why the homemade Angel Food Cakes :)

I am reading...circling and in a holding pattern for now . . .

I am hoping...that I am able to accomplish all the things on my list before the end of the year :) That would most probably be a first :)

I am hearing...sweet soft snoring sounds from ole wiggle waggle herself, Nana dog.
shh . . . don't wake the sleeping wiggle waggle ;)

Around the house...things to do, time is ticking by and here I type :)

One of my favorite things...dare I confess it :O Homemade Coconut Cream pie--just what the Dr. did not order as it is not the Type 2 way of eating :O That is what we had this week-end along with homemade chocolate cream pie.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:get back into a more scheduled way of life so as to accomplish more--very challenged in that area. Finish the sewing project on the board at the moment and begin another. Make several Angel Food cakes to freeze for later. Hope they freeze well :)

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

This photo is called "Pottery day," found at Pixblix.
It reminds me of how our Creator God, makes His presence known, in the everyday molding of our lives. Though He has the power, majesty and might to do it all Himself--I believe He loves the hands on approach. Kind of like a child scooting over the chair and making pancakes with dad. The child thinks he/she is doing big work when actually it is the dad who is in control.
Why does that sound so familiar? Hum, must of heard it somewhere .....
Comments anyone? :)


Heath Clan said...

Good day to ya Sharon!

I am desperately trying to get MOTIVATED! I never lack for stuff to do, but I feel deflated right now. I love your post.

Sharon said...

I am glad to hear from you :) You just made my day by stopping by :)

Even though we are small in number and all able of taking care of ourselves, there is still never a lack of stuff to get accomplished. The problem has always been that I am not a morning person. Truth is I am at my peak from around 8p.m. to around 2 a.m. :) That means that if I actually try living in that time frame, I am always behind schedule, especially George's. Schedules are a big, big challenge for me to keep but I keep trying :)
One day at a time, Sweet Jesus--that is my daily plea :)

Is there a special reason--that you feel comfortable sharing--why you feel deflated right now?
Love you,

Kendra said...

I just feel deflated. There are many reasons, but I don't think they are really it. I don't know why I feel so. I just do.

Rebecca said...

Homemade Angel Food Cake sounds delicious. Did it turn out and did you find out if it freezes well? Do you have (and share) the recipe? I would love to give it a try.

Do you want to come to church next Sunday? I could make plans to pick you up? Email me and let me know.

Love you.