Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Simple Woman's Daybook

September 9, 2008

Outside My Window...The Fallish sun is shining

I am thinking...our list of things to do before fall is over--grows with each passing day.

I am thankful for...today-while it is known as today-that is all that I have been promised.

From the kitchen...not much yet but soon will be the sweet aroma of the allusive Angel Food Cakes that were suppose to be baked last week. Good thing my eggs are still of a safe dating.

I am wearing...dark blue leggings with a dark blue T and bare feet of course :) I must be in a dark blue mood . . . not really just grabbed the first thing I saw this morning ;)

I am creating...still trying to get my sewing projects on the move. I am having some success but interruptions keep happening :)

I am going...to finally get those cakes going and no I haven't read anywhere if you can successfully freeze Angel Food but I am going to start with one and freeze. I will keep you posted as to the results.

I am reading...mostly my lists of things that need to be accomplished. I am long past the schooling days but still have things to mark off before winter hits with it's big ole snow bang :) We moved here last February thinking that the foot of snow in the back yard would soon be gone--Spring had to be around the next corner. NOT!!!! In fact the third week in April, we awoke to a shocking 7 inches of new snow that stayed around almost a week. Wow, we moved into a snow globe . . . so we best get prepared :)

I am hoping...That the Lord will continue to provide strength and determination needed to timely finish the sewing projects. That my Father will provide buyers of said objects so that I will be able to help my honey out with our expanding budget.

I am hearing...a very clean fish tank bubbling and gurgling. Hey, I happen to have very sensitive and selective hearing so it is not surprising that I can "Hear" the freshly cleaned fish tank. Besides the nose knows, if you know what I mean ;) I am also hearing, as usual, the very sleepy, snoring, wiggle waggle at my feet :)
Shh . . . never wake a sleeping Aussie wiggle waggle.

Around the house...my vacuum and baking awaits :)

One of my favorite things...Fall is a very favorite time of year. Usually by now I have peaches canned and in the cupboard . . . alas, I am still waiting for the call that they are ready to be picked up. I am actually not sure if we will be getting any this year--the crop has not turned out so plentiful this season. Hopefully we will at least be able to get Apples :)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: get the cakes baked, sew, sew, and sew some more. Celebrate our 38th Wedding Anniversary Friday :) Hopefully start marking off things from our "Out of doors things to do list."

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

One of my "Sold" pillows :)
Pillows, mostly tapestry, are one of my sewing projects--along with soft dolls,
sock dolls and the like :)
It has been quite a few years since my doll making days but some things
just never fully leave.
As soon as I have pictures I will post them :)

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Michele said...

I've always heard that freezing Angel Food Cake often meets with dubious results. Let us know how it turns out! :) Here is a site with suggestions (scroll down to "cakes").

I know you can freeze eggs, though! Freezing Eggs.


Michele said...

Oops, sorry: here's the link for freezing cake: Freezing Cake.

Sharon said...

Thanks Michele :)
Your links are very helpful ;)
The Angel Food Cake turned out wonderful. I am also baking a sponge cake as I type--using the left over egg yokes :)
Smells yummy :)
When I Googled the idea of freezing the AFC, the consensus seemed to be that I should freeze individual slices. That would work for me as I plan on making cup cake portions anyway :)
Best hurry into the kitchen and check on the "Sponge." :)
Thanks again ;)
Love you,

Heath Clan said...

You are a breath of fresh air my friend.

Rebecca said...

I'm,lovin' the pillow. Cayla uses hers all the time. You are so talented. Miss you much.

Cayla said...

Did you make that?!!!!!!! That is amazing