Monday, September 15, 2008

My Simple Woman's Daybook

September 15, 2008

Outside My Window...the sun is setting and the temperature is dropping.

I am tired I am and how much more there is to do before winter.

I am thankful for...the family of God. In particular, my church family. Because of the Walker Taxi, I was able to join with the body at R.B.C. on Sunday morning. We prayed, had bible study, worshiped and enjoyed our monthly "Second Sunday, Soup, Sandwiches and Sometime Salad, Social." Then Rebecca went out into their huge wonderful garden and picked about 4-5 lbs of "green" maters and yellow squash to share with me. They (the whole family) made my day. :)
A huge THANK YOU WALKER'S ;) Oh Yes, Cayla shared about her new "no name," Canary. Thank you Cayla :)

From the kitchen...The hot steam is finally subsiding from canning. Like many of you . . . today was peach day--It is looking as though tomorrow will be a continuation of the same. As well as "Green Tomato Mincemeat."
There is no meat in this recipe but meat can be added when you bake the pie. It is also very tasty as a condiment alongside roast and turkey.
Yummers with a capitol Y ;)

I am wearing...Peach essence :) Carpi's, purple T, bare feet and my hair up, which few people ever see--I look icky with it up but I am very hot :)

I am creating...still working on the dolls with even more interruptions, so when canning is over I will have to sew like sixty to get em done in time for the bizarres.

I am put my feet up so that the little darlings will stop swelling ;)

I am reading...blogs for now :)

I am hoping...still hoping to get it all done before winter :) So much needs attention out of doors. There is one thing about it . . . what doesn't get done will always be there for us next Spring :)

I am hearing...vintage music on the easy listening station.

Around the house...everything is slowing down and evening is approaching.

One of my favorite enjoying Fall sunsets. I know that Fall is not official until the 22nd but I feel it already. I am wanting to change the background on my blog so bad . . . making myself wait until the "Day of" before I change. Now that I think about it--I don't really know why it matters but I will probably wait anyway :)
I really enjoy creating my own backgrounds using Photoshop. It is so much fun :)
You will think me a bit touched I am sure when I tell you that I have also created one for our
dog "Nana's" blog site. Yup it is official I am NUTZ ;)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: What ever the Lord brings. Canning, canning and sewing :)

Here is picture thought I am sharing...
Photo by Pixblix.
This is what my pumpkin would have looked like if I had planted the seed earlier :) Oh well, I am thankful that I have a green one the size of a baseball :) As long as the sun keeps shining and it does not freeze there is still time :)
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