Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Foxfire Museum . . .

Wow, check out this very interesting site--Foxfire.
Let me know what you think :)

Ohhhhhhhhhh, a sewing I yust go, a sewing I yust go,
high ho the dairyyyyyy OOOOO, a sewing I yust go  :)
Oh no!! I am showing my nutzzzzy side :)
Have a blessed day!


Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

I've enjoyed reading some of the Foxfire books. I didn't know there was a museum! :)

Hope your sewing goes well. That's where I'm headed too.


Rebecca said...

I've never heard of this. I did take a quick peek at the website and liked what I saw. I will be checking it out soon. Hope all is well with 'Rebecca of the Prarie'.

Sharon said...

Michele and Rebecca,
Glad the Foxfire site looks good. I thought it might be a good resource :)
Rebecca of the Prairie is doing well. She has suffered from the cold but is about to have something to keep her warm. It must be tough being a new doll waiting for clothes and hair :) Soon--real soon :)
I was thinking today that I need to make a robe that the-doll in waiting-could wear while their clothes are being made :)
Hope your evening is going well :)
Love you both,