Saturday, October 25, 2008

Taking Another Blogging Break :)

We are beginning our "Mini Makeover" inside edition which means that there is little time to spend blogging :)
Today is prep day so I must go and clean the fireplace brick :)
How fun is that??   :) 
Really it is though because it means that we soon will be freshly painted :) Praise and thank God for His mighty provision :)

On the doll making front:
Rebecca of the Prairie is finally finished--except for shoes. I am weighing my options for that phase. I'm not sure if I will make my own or look for a -previously owned but in good shape-pair. Is there anyone out there that has old fashioned hard sole high top baby/toddler shoes that would fit a 2-3 yr old, white or black? The ones that were used twenty years ago to help the wee ones walk :) I am also looking for cowboy/girl boots that would fit a two or three year old. Do not wish to spend a HUGE amount on either because of overall cost of making the dolls. Leave a comment and e-mail addy and I will contact you :)

The fireplace calls and I must answer so see you soon :)

May-King Jesus-reveal Himself to you today in a very real and personal way :)


Rebecca said...

I want to come see it when it's finished. Did you decide on yellow? :)

Sharon said...

Actually, YES!!!! :o we did . . . . . . . . . NOT! Not yellow but it is!! We still have a bit to go before we are finished. Of course you can come see it when it is finished. I am not sure if it will be done before you leave to go to Texas. We finished the focal wall late last night and will be painting the rest of the walls in the living room and hall way today. Then George needs to take a break tomorrow. While he is "breaking," I am going to wash walls in the dining room and kitchen. Wednesday he will apply the primer and paint and we will be finished for now :)
He has had so much prep work because everything has needed to be primed-some places twice-before he could paint.
We will paint more later. My Honey needs at least some rest during his so called vacation :)
For us the colors we chose are bold--very bold. Some people may walk in and say it could use a bit of color-while others will say it needs to be brighter. For us it is just right as your pretty new paint is just right for you :) Even if you painted your kitchen yellow :)
Must go for now .. . but please know that I love you, think and pray for all of you often :)