Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Mini Makeover is Over :)

For the past two weeks my very talented husband and I have busied ourselves painting and rearranging the living room, hall, dining and kitchen. Wow, what an awesome change. We went from very drab, sad, over used dirty white to awesomely inviting, comforting colors that just knock our socks off. What an incredible change good paint makes. It took practically the whole two weeks to accomplish-with a break here and there-this very tedious labor of love. Not because our house is so big but because it has been that long since the walls and ceilings had new paint--translating into at least two coats of primer and paint on all ceilings and walls.
We moved into-our long awaited dream home-last February and have waited on pins and needles to do this project. We are both very pleased with how it all turned out.

Colors are as follows:

The focal wall has a neutralish-as long as it has an "ish" it must be a real word-brick fireplace that measures 8 feet wide, 4 1/2 feet tall plus a 2 1/4 inch x 8 feet 4 inch stone mantle. To make that big ole feature just pop we chose . . . "New London Burgundy" :) It was a special mixed paint from a piece of fabric and the person who mixed it was right on target.
For the remaining three walls and down the hallway we chose English Tea, which is in the neutral medium browns. It kind of reminds me of my favorite coffee drink-Big Train Mocha-when it is first mixed. A neutral color but very creamy and dreamy :)
Moving into the dining room-very small-we chose Cottage Trail, which is like an unstirred Big Train Mocha. Rich and creamy dreamy but a bit darker. It was the corresponding color to English Tea, so it is a very subtle change. We repeated the English Tea on the only painted wall in our galley style kitchen which is at the opposite end of our dining room.

All ceilings were painted with "Faux Pearl." Faux Pearl is just like it sounds, a very soft pearly white and it goes very well with the other colors. Our color choices are very bold for us. We have rented for years and most all of the houses were some degree of white or off yellowish white. This is a very warm and welcoming change that has uplifted our spirits tremendously ;)

Praise and thank God for making this whole process such a wonderful experience. From the awesome color choices that were chosen for us by our very Creative Father and a very talented interior designer type daughter with an incredible eye for color . . . to the team work effort that has been a part of this project from the start. We have watched the Lord orchestrate the whole project and we both stand amazed at what He has brought about. George and I both know that this was not your ordinary painting project. Other than the fall leaves that were bought-for our first Thanksgiving in our new home-and two new ceiling lights for dining and kitchen areas we have not bought new things. Instead we have been able to use what we have. The amazing thing is that without even trying--everything matches ;)
The Lord even softened the cost of paint by gifting us-through some very dear and caring people-during an Open House celebration earlier this summer.

The winner of the
"Can You Guess Our Paint Colors-- Contest" is . .

Rebecca of The Washington Walker's with two correctly guessed colors.

I have decided to add a runner-up prize for Kendra at Heath Happenings, because on giving it her best shot she actually guessed one of our future bedroom color choices :)
Great guesses by both :)

You will both receive your prizes as soon as they are finished --before Thanksgiving for sure :)

I must go for now and get back to sewing because the Bazaar is fast approaching.

May you all experience the rich blessings that can only come from the indwelling presence of King Jesus :)


Rebecca said...

Cool, cool, cool! I'm a winner. Way cool! I will for sure come see your house. Maybe Kendra and I can escape for a couple of hours and come for a visit. Not next week, but the week after. Would that work?

Sharon said...

Yes, yes, yes! That would definitely be very cool :)
Hope your trip is going great :)