Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can You Guess Our Paint Colors--Contest?

Hello everyone :)
As some of you know my very talented husband has taken time off to paint our living room, dining room, hall and kitchen . I thought it would fun to list color names and let you pick out four colors you think we chose ;)
Some of the names are a bit misleading as to their real color but give it a shot anyway :)
Keep this in mind-we have a fireplace focal wall-one of the following colors makes a rather dramatic statement :) Dramatic in color and because the fireplace mantle is eight feet wide ;)
After the list you will find directions and a small surprise :)

Color List:
  1. Colonial Aqua
  2. Cottage Trail
  3. Earthy
  4. English Tea
  5. Evening Gown
  6. Faux Pearl
  7. Kitten Nose
  8. Nettle
  9. New London Burgundy
  10. Perfect Harmony
  11. Tangy Lime
  12. Tweed
  13. Whipped Melon
  14. Winter Wheat

List your best guess-4-in the comment section that follows this post :)
I will give a small handmade Angel Christmas Ornament to the one that comes the closest :)
Have fun :)

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul for He is worthy of all adoration :)


Rebecca said...

Okay, here's my guess...
New London Burgundy
Winter Wheat
English Tea
Whipped Melon

Sharon said...

Very close but not quite there :) You have picked out two of the four colors :) Good guess :)

I will wait a bit longer for the big-R E V E A L :)

I am lovin how the paint scheme is turning out. I am so blessed to have such an awesome painter husband ;)
We still need to do the dining/kitchen area and then we will take a break from painting for a while before tackling our bedroom, main bathroom, and utility room. The family room is a bit larger project that will have to wait until next summer.

I pray your today is going well :)
Love you,

Heath Clan said...

Okay I am going to steal two of Rebecca's cause she got two right!

1. Winter Wheat
2. Whipped Melon
3. Perfect Harmony
4. Kitten Nose

I just love the idea of having Perfect Harmony in your living room:)

Sharon said...

Hello Kendra :)
If you count that all three of us-actually-whole heartily agree that we love the color of the living room--we do in deed have perfect harmony in the living room :) Just not the color "Perfect Harmony." We hope to use that color in our bedroom :)
I don't think that I should respond to the rest of the color choices because if anyone else guesses it would give them an unfair advantage. So ....... for now that is all I am going to reveal :)
Love you and thanks for commenting :)