Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Am no Longer Dreaming of a White Christmas . . .

Because the dream has come true . . .
In all things give glory to King Jesus :) Even snow that never stops and piles on top of itself :) In this there is room for blessings and we count them one by one :)

This is an amazing photo because I-ya fluffy lil ole me-am standing on top of over 3 feet of snow :)

Top Picture: I am still on top of the deep snow and this is what the back of our house looks like at present. Did I mention that is still snowing big ole flakes :) Bottom picture: The large creature like snow sculptures are our Rhododendrons :) At least they were our Rhodes :)

It is hard to see at the present but there are hug Rhododendron bushes on the left of this photo.

Can you find the old wagon wheel? It is along the fence.

So much for feeding the birds--we need to build a cover. Hey, anyone for a slice of snow?
Speaking of Rhodes--have you ever seen a Rhodesicle? Very rare and found only inside a snow globe :)

Believe it or not we are in there--somewhere :)

Almost tooooo deep for a 4 x 4 :)
My poor ole blue truck. If only Don-my step dad-could see it now--wow!
The other side of our back fence.
What I want to know is . . . who is going to clean this mess up?
Gonna have to spend part of tomorrow shoveling out because they say the rain is a coming--yikes :)

More photos will come as I have time :)

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