Monday, December 29, 2008

Truly . . .

Wow, my dear friend and sister-in-Christ, Rebecca gave me the "Honest Award!
I am to write 10 honest things about myself and pass the award on to 5 honest bloggers :)
Here are my ten honest things about me--random after #1 and #2:

#1  I love my Lord with a deep love that can only come from His over flowing fountain of grace and mercy. Each day that love grows deeper as Jesus draws me in close by His precepts and experiences that He chooses for my good and His great glory. Many times the going is tough and I do not always see success--yet there is success even in the failures. I just love Him beyond all of my own understanding ;)

#2  I love and respect my husband George--Tom to our biological family's. The last 38 yrs, 3 months and 17 days have been a life time of ups and downs for us both but through it all we keep coming back to each other. Since this is about honesty I will say there have been times when we almost gave up but each time the Lord brought us back and set things right for us both.
Out of this union three grown daughters and one grandson have come forth to make their way in this world. After so many years there are of course-things-that we would both like to go back and fix but know that we can't so we continue on with the hope that Christ will have His way in their lives as well--straightening out what we messed up. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow has enough evil in itself so we are told to live in this day--not only live in it but REJOICE in this day as this is the day the Lord has made ;)

#3  I really enjoy instrumental music--soft sounds especially for praise and worship. The big band sound is also occasionally enjoyed--at least by me :) My musical interests are pretty varied. The latest music that I have really enjoyed listening to come from three places. One is the-free-play list at the bottom of this blog . . . a second is a CD called-Hymns, Timothy Shaw at the Piano-that I acquired from the Friends of Israel and finally I was able to buy two instrumental Christmas CD's at the local Christian Outlet store for only $4.97 plus tax ;) All three CD's are awesome!!

#4  Blogging has become-well should I be really, really honest and say-an obsession :( It stinks how fast something so good can turn into something not so good. The Lord is getting a hold on this area of my life and rearranging my priorities. Creator God fashioned me with a deep creative drive and sometimes-oft times to be more HONEST-I take it and run a bit toooooo much. At that point the Lord pulls back on the rains and says, "Slow down, you are running ahead of my plan for you again--cease and be still!" Yikes! Most times the reins He uses pinch hard but I am so thankful that He cares enough to discipline his daughter :)

#5  I am a Type 2 diabetic that is pretty much under control--as long as I stay on my medication :) The Lord has blessed me with this diagnosis early enough so that I am able to control with food choices and only Metformin. This has truly been a blessing not a curse and yes, I truly mean what I say :) I was so out of control and this has really helped me to stop tasting what the eyes see and the mind can dream up. Though I am not really abiding by the rules per say I am using moderation with so much more success :) I think that it is beginning to show but since it is not about the looks but about the lifestyle change I am at peace :)

Today I added the following:

I do however still have a few shall we say--FOOD CRAVINGS ;) Things like homemade CARMEL CORN, a bit of homemade fudge and DIVINITY--ohhhhhhh how I love that stuff but sadly have not made any for a few years. Boys Howdy bet that would like put me over the moon with all that sugar--mmm what a way to go though :)

#6  When I was in the sixth grade I stood before my class and preformed a pantamine of Connie Francis singing--can't remember the song. Boy was I ever a frustrated "Singer!"
Back flash-the reverse or something of Flash back-to the age of around 7 and you would find me swinging and singing the songs of Perry Como . . . boy do I show my age or what??
Singing has always been a part of who I am. I still sing in the shower and here while blogging :)

#7  C o n f e s s i o n: I struggle with house work :(  I know . . . I should be happy and content with the fact that I have a house to take care of and really I am happy to have a home. I do house work but when it comes to the dishes . . . well I still struggle with having to do them. Sometimes I think we would be better off eating on paper plates and using plastic-ware but then I think . . . Yuk! that is worse . . . so I humbly stand at the counter and clean up those little things-no dishwasher :O-that are always in the sink. There are only three of us and yet the sink is always at least half full of dishes :(  We really need to work on that seems to me!!
Then I think about how much my man likes his homemade pie-usually more this time of year-and how he works soooooo hard to provide for us and then everything is not so difficult :)

#8  I really enjoy tea parties :) Need to have more. I remember that after we moved in here that my dear friends Arla and Cayla, came to have tea. Afterward we toured the garden patches looking for Hen's and Chick's for them to take home. I want to do that again--well, when the snow melts :) Our driveway is a mess at the moment so it is not so great for visitor's to come and enter-in and have fellowship. Because of this situation I am half starved for conversation. Glad we still have the phone and Internet but that is just not cutting it right now. That is where I struggle with the snow but otherwise love it :) Shhh don't tell my honey that I said that because he has to work in it every day and he is definitively getting tired and Winter has just begun!!

#9  I LOVE to color :) When we were on the Isle of Guam back in the seventies, I would color the day away. Well part of it anyway ;) We lived in a one bedroom duplex apartment so it did not take long to clean and prepare for dinner. We had a very tiny TV with only one channel-Galloping Gourmet most everyday :)
I spent a lot of time coloring and it helped my penmanship greatly :) Even in between washer loads and clothesline hanging I would color.

Rabbit trail: Number 9 brought back a fun memory while on Guam :) After hanging clothes on the line one day the children-something like 12 of them-from next door who spoke little clear English ask if they could come over and see the inside of our house. How fun it was when the youngest boy skid on his bottom the length of our living room kitchen-open area-squealing all the way cause it was so slick :) It was slick because we had asbestos tiles that had to be cleaned and polished everyday or they looked awful. George taught me how to use Pledge on the floors after scrubbing them and boy did it make them slick-for sliding at least :) The little boy loved it and grinned widely as he slid across the floor :) All in all a great memory.
Those children were all in charge of doing the families laundry with an old ringer machine and then hanging all the cloths on about 6 very long lines. Wow, I wish I would have known the Lord then because I think about how I could have had a regular backyard Bible Club :) Anyway . . . moving on now to #10  :)

#10 I struggle with doing things half way--unless it is house work :) Take this post . . . I mean I am writing a bloomin book instead of ten little truths about me :( Just who I am I guess :) The art to gab that I posess comes from my dear Grandpa Mitts :) He was definately known for his long windedness--stories that you were never quite sure if he was telling the whole truth or making it up as he went :) He was a real story teller not a lier. He just enjoyed capturing the attention of the room. He stood 6' 6" and married a woman who was 5' 2 or 3" on a tall day. Have pictures that someday I will share :)

Well, this has been fun so thanks Rebecca :) You are such an awesome encourager--sister-in-Christ :)
I enjoy reading everyone's blogs :) There are so many wonderful sisters-in-Christ out there and I really enjoy having opportunity to connect with them through their blog sites ;)

Update: Regarding the 5 picks :) I think that I shall do like some other ladies and leave it up to you to do as the ones that I was going to pick are not able to at the moment  for various reasons :)

There is however one exception :)
Miss Cayla, how's 'bout you taking on the assignment as you are a very HONEST young lady and many of us would enjoy reading your post  :) Cayla, try not to be a rule breaker like some of us :)

The Rules:
1. Post 10 honest things about yourself along with the award picture.
2. Tag at least 5 other honest bloggers that you know as well as me.
3. Have fun!
There you have it ;)


Rebecca said...

I just love reading your blog. I never question your honesty. You are always so honest and transparent in what you share with your readers.

I hope you are having a great day and aren't feeling too trapped with all the snow. I enjoyed all your snow pictures.

Katie Jane received your e-card. We played it and played it and played and even played it some more. Needless to say, she really liked it.

Waiting for the other five...

Sharon said...

Well Rebecca, the other five are up for all to see :)
I am so glad that Katie Jane liked her card--gee it is good for a month ya know ;)
I am struggling a bit with the weather but it is great on the other hand because of spending more time with the Lord so actually it is well with me . . . with one acceptation . . .
I spoke with Miss Linda a bit ago and found out that I really missed an extra great Sunday and that it won't be available on-line :(
So when are we going "LIVE" with the Sunday service??
If I had a Christmas wish it would be to have "Live" access :) It doesn't take the place of being there but it is a connection when I can't be there :)

Love you all,
PS Be sure to hug my lil helper girl :)

Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

This was fun to read! :) Hehe... I'm picturing all those kids with the laundry. :)


Sharon said...

Michele, It was very eye opening to watch. They had a huge responsibility without much Grace from what I was able to observe and yet they seemed happy :)

Truth be known they probably accomplished more in one day with all their responsibilities than I did with my little.

Thanks for stopping by and I am soooooo excited for you all :)
I still weep with joy when I think about it all :)