Friday, December 5, 2008

Thirst . . .

 Yesterday, I gave a small presentation about the Samaritan Woman at the Well with Jesus-based on John 4:7-30 The Message-at our woman's Bible study. Because of the study, "Living Water" is on my mind. There is a video below-found on the Wycliffe site-that shows how to provide physical living water in the Spirit of the only True Living Water.

In 2004, Wycliffe used an Eastern proverb in another "Thirsty" presentation. One example they used was a picture of a camel on a dry and dusty desert with the proverb that ask the following question: 
    What is the greatest crime in the desert? 
     Finding water and keeping silent. 

Instead of food for thought today--I bring Living Water. Will you allow Jesus to give you fresh, living water as He offered the Samaritan Woman? If you have already received this from Jesus then my question is, do you/will you then allow Him to flow that living water from you into the life of another who thirsts desperately.  There are many ways to offer that water and only the Lord Himself knows what He has planned for you. It could be a simple act of compassion for another, even your next door neighbor or maybe King Jesus is calling you to go out into the larger areas of the world. Maybe it is that your family is dying of thirst and awaits that compassionate offer of a deep refreshing drink from the fountains of Living Water.

“…A child dies every eight seconds from dehydration or water-borne diseases,” said Donna Ohs. “It doesn’t have to be this way….”


Paul Merrill said...

May God continue to use your blog for His glory!

-Paul Merrill for Wycliffe's The Seed Company

Sharon said...

Thanks for the blessing Paul :)