Monday, January 12, 2009

My Simple Woman's Daybook

January 12, 2009

Outside my window...The air is white . . . I know, who can see air but it looks like a white out only it is not snowing. Must be a reflection. Kind of strange looking. It is not raining and at this point that is a real praise :)

I am thinking...about the many ways God humbles our hearts. Our family came through the storms of winter high and somewhat dry. He held back the flood waters from us-only He knows why-and kept the mud away from our door. Because of this I feel deeply that we need to reach out to others who have experienced the opposite.

I am thankful for...So many reasons. Just because I am Christ' and He is mine. 1 woman + 1 Jesus(there is no other) = completeness! Nothing lacking, nothing missing--HE COMPLETES ME!

From the kitchen...Loads of dishes as I am behind a bit today! I guess you could say that I have had a Mary mentality today and a whole lot less Martha!

I am usual capris and a T with bare feet!

I am creating...working on some new stuff that I am not ready to talk about--yet :)

I am sing the rest of the day as THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE AND I AM VERY GLAD :)

I am reading...not toooo much at present.

I am hoping...for at least a part time job--I think?? Selling my already made dolls would also be good. Need to help with the income and only the Lord knows how. We are determined to get into a better financial situation ;)

I am hearing...quiet for once . . . oops spoke to soon as Azure the kitty wants in :)
Thankfully Nana girl has finally settled down a bit. We spent some real one on one or should I say two on one time with her last night. George is so smart :) He started brushing her and I got down on the floor-no small feat-and we pampered her and talked to her and of course she eat it up like so many tookies :) Praise God! Nana is getting back to being herself. It also helps that the big ole trucks have slowed a bit. Aussie's can be very noice sensitive!

Around the house...the quiet before the storm. George is due home any minute so I must hurry up :) I love that he is only a mile and half away :) Thank You Lord :)

One of my favorite things...serving my honey his coffee :) Especially if there are also cookies to go with :)

A few plans for the rest of the week: not sure but I am trying to get back to some kind of normal. I think that I will set a to-do list and encourage myself to complete at least three things each day that I have been putting off. One thing leaps to the forefront of my mind . . . take down Christmas :) I have been putting it off as I don't like the taking down as much as I enjoy the putting up and Valentines is still tooo far away!

Here is picture thought I am sharing . . .
I have posted so many photos of late that I wanted to post this thought instead :)
He is our only Hope--Praise God!!
Update: I forgot to include the link back to the Simple Woman's Daybook :O
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Heath Clan said...

Howdy Sharon! It is always good to see that I have a comment on my blog. I want to return the favor! Good morning.

Sharon said...

Good morning and thank you Kendra :) It has days and days since anyone has said even a boo!
So . . . thank you, thank you, thank you :)
Love you,