Sunday, January 11, 2009

For A Touch On The Lighter Side :)

For the past week and a half, Nana's mood has been one of gloom and I think at times agony. Normally she is a fun lovin, lets go kinda girl that is always ready for a new adventure. Then the weather changed to more challenging times and so did Nana's mood as well as her friend Azure--Christina's cat.
Before you would find Nana tagging along with me-more like sticking to my leg like Gorilla Glue-everywhere and wanting to do everything I do--I be Alpha Mama :)

Rabbit trail: The above is a good idea because of late I need someone watching my every move in order to keep me safe--long drug out story :)

Now back at the ranch ;)
These days Nana is either on our bed-which she is not suppose to be-under Christina's bed, or worse yet--IN THE BATHROOM! If she is having one of her "MOMENTS" you can forget about moving her or changing her mind. She is a standard size Aussie which translates to-TANK-not so easy to move.
In an attempt to help alleviate her pain-MOOD-we took her out for a bit of a ride to town. This is normally an exciting thing for her as she barks at every blasted dog that comes within 1/2 a mile of her. Well, OK I am exaggerating--BUT not much! Anyway, while we were on this little adventure I realized that I had not eaten yet and it was past noon! I used to be fine doing this but not since Type 2 set in. So George said we should go get something at Spiffy's. Before we left I bought a softy cone-dogie size-for our lovely Nanny girl. It seemed to absolutely make her day. I ask you, why shouldn't it make her better? We humans always seem to grab sweets when we are stressed!! That lasted for about half the day. Then the BIG OLE TRUCKS that were/are working on the 508 started racing by as fast as they could. This in turn brought us back to the household cry, "Where's Nana?" And the answer, "Under Christina's bed!"

The photo is of Nana while enjoying one of her Ice Cream moments ;) It was taken the first part of December 2008 and pretty much sums up the joy of Softy Cones :)

Oh yes, Azure the cat has taken to sleeping under our faux Christmas tree--it will remain up for a day or two more for a bit of brightness and of course dear Azures comfort place.
I may be wrong but sometimes I think that we are a bit "TOUCHED," if you know what I mean :) The following will probably prove that thought :) Nana has her own blog site--yes you read it correctly :) To view more photos and such go to: Nana Banana's Site ;) We call it Nana Banana's Site because our puppy girl is such a goof :)


Aunt Jean said...

This is your people's Aunt Jean.
Since I have never left a comment on a Blog, let alone a cute dog like you, I hope I get it right.

I understand you like to hide under the bed, well I sometimes would like to hide under the bed too with all the hurt and medicines I have to take and now I find out I have Gout in my knees and my right hip. I don't think I could get there let alone up again.

You get better soon Nana Banana and I hope I will too.

Your Aunt Jean in Yakima

Sharon said...

Dear Aunt Jean (my people said I could call you that),
Thank you for leaving a message for me :) I am getting better but still have moments of wanting to hide and quiver in fear. My people don't know what is causing this reaction and quite frankly neither do I but we are hanging in there.

We are all sorry to hear about your hurts, medicines and now the Gout. My people momma will be praying for you. Never heard of Gout in the knees and hips but what do I know about people medicine!

Hope you feel better soon :)
Love and hugs,
PS Yes, I do give hugs and I am told-by my people-that they are very healing :) Maybe when Spring comes you should come and let me share one with you :)