Monday, February 9, 2009

My Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today
February 9, 2009

Outside my window...Intermittent snow, rain and sunshine :) They are calling for a possible 6-8inches new snow--Praise God in all things! That is a reminder to myself :)

I am truly blessed we are to have a Father that always gives us His best--even when we do not acknowledge it as being His best! His ways are not our ways and our ways are not His way--Praise God for His wisdom!!

I am thankful for...a husband who is-daily-realizing his/our need to walk in the Way of the Lord :) What a difference this makes in our marriage :) I have received the greatest desire of my heart--I am humbled, grateful and very thankful :) King Jesus not only
ROCKS-He Reigns :)

From the learning rooms...though not applicable as way of homeschooling--ALL our rooms should be overflowing with daily learning ;)
Even when your child rearing days are long past :)

From the kitchen...a very big mess that awaits attention :)

I am wearing...believe it or not I am wearing shorts and short sleeve T-shirt :) There is .66 acres of snow and possibly more coming and here I sit in summer cloths :O That is just the way I am :) Besides, I can dream can't I??

I am creating...not much at the moment.

I am going...I am trying to come up with some fun surprises for an up coming visit on the seventeenth of this month ;)

I am reading...God's word with my honey--every night :) We are reading through the Bible--chronologically. Not at a hurried pace either. In fact the Lord may call us home before we finish but we really don't care to rush for the sake of reading it through :)

I am hoping...that Heather and Christina have a good time out town today :)

I am hearing...the usual fish tank and snoring wiggle waggle. Nana is so disappointed that she didn't get to go out town with the girls that an occasional groan is thrown in for effect ;(
Nana loves to go anywhere/anytime and is still suffering from Spring fever!

Around the house...a lot of stuff to do and here I sit typing away the time :O

One of my favorite things...Closing the end of one day and welcoming in a new one with my honey--in prayer ;)

A few plans for the rest of the week:Spring cleaning that I am trying to get motivated to not only start but finish in a more timely manner--before Spring this year.
Think of ways to show love to my Valentine :) I love Valentines day :) This year we will be celebrating in our Valentines colored house--praising and thanking God for our first year :)

Here is picture thought I am sharing...I struggle a bit here as we still do not have a camera but here goes :)

I like this type of Valentine Card :) I found it listed as a free to use and thought that I would share :)
Right click on the image and "save as" then print it out on-4 x6 or 4 x 6 with tab-photo paper or card stock--it printed well for me. Enjoy :)

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Cayla said...

I like your Valentine's Day card/picture.

What can I do, bring, and/or fix for next Tuesday? We are excited about it. Larah is going to feel left out when Katie, Cayla and I leave her behind. I'm going to have to buy her some ice cream or yogurt to help console her. Matthew and her are going to have to do some major bonding.

Talk to you soon.

Cayla said...

P.S. I mailed "Amy" Monday. I can't wait unti she arrives at her new home.

Cayla said...

I just realized I am signed in as Cayla...but I am sure by now you have figured out this is not Cayla, but Rebecca! Welcome to my life.

Sharon said...

I hear ya, Cayla--oops I mean Rebecca :)Sorry couldn't resist ;)
About Tuesday: Be sure and bring the coloring books and crayons :) I have one small box of crayons and a couple boxes of Crayola markers but that is about all I have.
What would be a good time for you to come? Would say . . . 11:30 be good? I will make lunch--anything special that ya'll like or DON'T like?
I too am looking forward to Tuesday and pray that the snow lets up so George and I can make a safer path to the front door ;)
Must go 'cause I am working on finding information on Job. That is were we are in our chronological study of the Word :) Praise and thank God!!!!
Love you,