Friday, February 6, 2009

Screen Settings and Other Thoughts :)

If you are viewing this blog with a screen resolution setting of 1024 x 768 pixels and 16 bit color quality--my blog background probably looks kinda skewed and not quite all there :O
My blog background was made using a screen resolution setting of 1152 x 864 pixels and 32 bit color quality :) The resolution settings are usually found in the Control Panel folder :)

Trying to view a blog through different settings than what it was made with is like trying to view the Bible by a world view :O To view the "Whole Truth-picture" you must make sure that you are viewing Biblical information from it's contextual setting :)
Just a little thought--Have a great day :)

Update . . . Update: I have re-adjusted my background so that it will hopefully be viewable no matter your resolution settings--Don't touch that dial as I was the one that needed to change :)
Tip: If you have a scrolling mouse-for those who do not already know, that is the type of mouse that has a little wheel looking thing between the left and right click buttons-you should be able to hold down the Ctrl key at the same time that you use the little wheel to scroll up or down and change the size of your windows view :)


Rebecca said...

Your blog looks great to me.

Thanks for hanging out Wednesday afternoon. It was great being with you. You're welcome anytime.

Looking forward to the 17th!!!

Sharon said...

Thanks for stopping by Rebecca :)
I too enjoyed last Wednesday but next time-feel free-to PUT ME TO WORK doing what ever you need or want me to do :) ANYTHING!!!!!

I too am looking forward to the 17th :)

Love you all,
PS Thank you for sharing the squash :) umm ;)