Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Life Changes

After looking at the date of my last entry I decided that I needed to update :)

So much has happened that I scarcely know where to begin and I honestly do not have time to fully update everything that the Lord has brought about in our daily living as it would definitively fill many books!

The latest news from this home front: After 17 years of working with the Lord from either the home front or church--life has taken a dramatic change :) There is a whole long story that leads up to the fact that I am now working as a Ward Clerk at our local hospital ;) This job was a gift right out of the hand of the Most High God and I am so very grateful that He is leading us on this new adventure :)

Which is the reason that I must not tarry long in writing this post--I must ready myself for the up coming day and praise God it begins with rest. I am so very tired tonight but it is a good tired after a day of work

Another part to this story-there are many-is that one of the sisters that attend our church was also hired for the same postion-they hired two-and we are training together all this week and it is great ;) We are down right giggly girls as we reminise over what the Lord has and is bring about in our lives ;) He is so clever in all His ways and we both just love Him soooooooooooooo much :)

Will write more later :)
Until then . . . . . . .
Praise the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ
He is worthy of all praise :)


Rebecca said...

I am so excited for you about your new adventure. And I too think how awesome God is for giving two RBC gals the same job. He is SOOOO GOOD to His children. I'll call you soon to see how it's going. I miss you.

Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

Enjoy your new job! (Well, it sounds like you are...) :)

Sharon said...

Rebecca and Michele,
Thank you for your encouragement :)
I am enjoying the new job and am praising the Lord for what He continues to bring about. He is even helping me pull back information hidden within that I thought was gone many moons ago :) When I stopped working seventeen years ago I never even imagined that I would someday return and here I am working again ;)

Rebecca,I miss you too but I will have every other week-end off so there is hope of seeing you all soon :)

Love you both,