Friday, August 8, 2008

Everyday is a Blessing

Just have enough time for a quick hello today as we have family visiting and more coming tomorrow :)
I really covet your prayers because hosting more than a couple people is always an area of challenge for me. I am not super hostess with the mostest . . . or anything close. All I do is my best for His Utmost :)
After this weekend I will be able to have more time to post.

For those of you, who leave comments, THANK YOU :) I always enjoy your encouragements :)

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Lord, thank you for all the ways that you bring comfort, courage and encouragements.

Memories of Love:
Our youngest daughter and I had a good-night ritual that went a bit like this:
Mom: "I love you"
Daughter: "I love too"
Mom: "I love you more"
Daughter: stretching out your arms and saying, "I loves you dis much"
Mom: stretching my arms out and saying, "I love you this much and more"
Daughter: "I love you most"
Mom: "I loved you first "
To which she would often say: "I love you this much infinity"

That is the kind of childlike love we need to continually have with our Father God. Which He will undoubtedly always reply, "I loved you first, most and always."

May your day be filled to overflowing with the most precious gift of all, the all powerful presence of Christ our Lord.

Picture Thought

Our youngest daughter with her first food love . . . CHOCOLATE :)
She loves chocolate into infinity and more......


Hug~A~Boo said...

Loved the Post mom,..umm does sis know you posted that picture? lol to cute! Gee shoulda seen the chocolate thing coming huh..

Sharon said...

a ya, ya think :)
Love you bunches,