Saturday, January 3, 2009

Come Dance With Me . . .

Won't you come
Dance with Me My beloved
Oh come dance with Me
Won't you come
Dance with Me My beloved
I long to take your hand

And leave all the cares of this world
Behind you
Come and follow My lead
Treasures from heaven I long to give you
So come dance with Me

The above song is the first one loaded on my play list-bottom of the page-so you can replay if needed. I love this song and the picture of Christ calling to us to come dance.
If anyone knows about the background of this song/recording--please let me know :)
Update Jan. 11 at 12:22 If you are using a IE browser you may expericence a "Chipmunk like" sound of this recording. I do not know what is causing it because with Firefox the song works just fine. It seems to be only on this one song :( Hmmmm!

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