Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Please Pray For Lewis County . . .

One local river-the Cowlitz at Randle-is expected to reach full flood stage later today with flooding over 6 feet above the flood level of the--very major flood of 2006.

Our area of the county is at present in a tremendous dicey situation as mudslides have closed every road into and out of Morton. This is the same in many of the remaining Lewis County areas. It is reported that they are at present evacuating many areas of Morton including Miners Road-about 2 miles North of our house-due to mudslide concerns.

Amazingly we still have lights as other areas-Packwood and now Randle-are in the dark. We continue to prepare in case of loss of lights or having to evacuate because of water. Since we are a fair way from one of the local rivers that is flooding we are safe for now. I am not sure if my husband will be able to travel the mile and a half home tonight because of possible road closers.

Meanwhile the skies pour out at great speed showing the incredible power of Creator God. Even in this it is going to be OK because He is still in control. If I did not have that blessed assurance I would be in a terrible panic.

Until later :)


Heath Clan said...

God is so powerful! We made it into Morton today. We saw the beautiful younger Mrs. P (as compared to the beautiful older Mrs. P:). There is a lot of destruction. They were able to rescue to plants from the Roadside Inn Tavern as we went by:)

It makes you realize what the truly important things are in life. Blessings my friend.

Sharon said...

Glad to hear from you as I miss you all soooooo much :)
Glad to hear that all is well at home and with your mom :)
I praise God for you :)
Love you,