Saturday, January 10, 2009

How Do You Spell Relief?

Corrections 1/14/09
For me relief can only be found in the comforting presence of JESUS!
I am so thankful to have the Comforter dwelling within as the past month has been one adventure after another-the latest being the pouring out of rain from the heavens that has brought down slices of mountain sides, washed out Highways and side roads and turned little creeks into mighty raging rivers. This seemingly normal activity called rain cut off our ability at times to run.
I kept thinking as people would say, "Get out of there if you are in danger!" Tell me, just where is it that I can run? Let's see, Hwy 12-Closed in both directions! SR508 that runs by us-Closed! Hwy 7 the back way out of here-Closed! Run up a hill?? Ah, NO--they are sliding down around you! Hmm--just where is it that I am to run toooooo? Now do you see why I say that I can only spell relief--JESUS! ALWAYS :)
There is always room for praise and thanksgiving in all situations. Two that come immediately to mind is One, the Cowlitz River did not Crest at the 31+ feet that was predicted-based on 18 ft being flood stage-as they said it would have basically wiped Randle off the map by filling the homes there with over 6 feet of water and Two, Silver Creek did not flood my daughter out. She actually watched Silver Creek-Silver Raging River-out her dining room window as it carried large logs like little match sticks.

A couple links: The Chronicle An article on Glenoma

I am posting a few pics that I found on the Net. If you are the one who captured the shot please let me know so that I can give you proper credit. I just want everyone to see the mighty and powerful hand of Almighty God at work.

Randle photos

House on Silverbrook--first = SECOND on left as you turn right from Young Road. I have been told that there are huge rocks behind the house. They are trying to figure out how to remove them as the house is in the way.
This pic is a bit hard to see but water is all the way across the road and I am told that the "Creek" that runs under the Hwy was almost more of a challenge to deal with than the Cowlitz river--South of the Cafe.

Local gas station and the yellowish green building with the rock front-toward the back of the photo-is the Postal Office. It was said to me that the water ran in one door and out the other.

Sign shop on Silverbrook Road just behind the gas station.
By the way the house that sets to the right of this shop suffered a mud slide and had a tree come down on top of the roof. Corrected 1/14/09 The house on the right of this building looks to be fine--we could not see any damage when we went by late this afternoon.

One of many Glenoma slides.

I think that this place is next to Mule Drive but I can not remember.


Rainy Creek--North of big slide.

House just off Hwy 12 in Glenoma.

Someone trying to help in Glenoma.

Not sure where this one was taken but I think maybe in the Glenoma area.

This red building is located along side Hwy 12 in Glenoma.

Glenoma Post Office.

Driveway frontage in Glenoma.

Roadhouse Tavern, Glenoma--One of the slides went right through the font door and up to the bar stools. The owner is devastated.

An areal view of at least three of the slides in Glenoma. The Roadside Tavern is in the bottom left of photo. A place that we wanted to buy is situated to the right bottom of photo.
Wow, Lord!
Only the above two photos are from the The Chronicle.
On toward Morton:

Davis Lake Road which is an alternate route to Morton--usually.
Stuck in the mud on Davis Lake Road, Morton.

Pic 1 of 2 of the-Do Not Jump Off This Bridge-bridge over the Tilton just out of Morton on the 508 going our way.This is a deep area and the river usually quite a ways from the bridge that is why the sign is posted because of people jumping off in the summer. It looked to me to be about a foot away from going over its banks. That is a very high bank to exceed.

Pic 2 same bridge and I believe a different photographer.
This photo by: RnAHazen

This is the Tilton River--Davidson Bridge is somewhat viewable where it looks like it bends. State Route 508 is the road to the right which is about a mile West from our house. The bridge approach on the South side was washed away. They evacuated a lot of people out I think before the bridge damage but I know that even after the damage occurred they were rescuing many residence Thursday.
Coast Guard Helicopters raced back and forth over our house at low altitude Thursday in an amazing speed and effort to rescue people that were trapped. As far as I know today there are still some that are hemmed in farther up the 508. One gentleman from our church has a home there and is parking his PU at our place and hitching back and forth to get to his home. I also know that crews of men and HUGE equipment are busy trying to make a way for people. Last night my honey and I watched from our front window as big trucks with big equipment raced back and forth trying to get much done while the rest of us try to rest and recoup.
So much damage so much grief and yet there is HOPE :) Hope in the One who gives and takes away. The One who gave His life on our behalf. Praise His Holy, Holy, Holy Name!
All hail King Jesus.
He is STILL in control and always will be . . . even in devastating times we can find rest in the Lord as His arms are always open and inviting us to come :)
I can say that because I personally know it to be true. We-my family-have experienced a season of loss. We understand how it feels to loose everything you have and in an instant becoming homeless. Through it all Christ upheld us. He was there when others were not and when we thought we could take no more we realized we could because Christ was the one carrying the burden for us. We just needed to let go of the pain and take hold of His love :)
Until later,


Cayla said...

Amazing! I was at the beach when this all hapened.

Sharon said...

It is amazing to witness the power of Almighty God--at the beach or in the midst of a storm!
He is amazing :) He spoke the mountains into existence and with a word brings them sliding down!
Our God is so mighty and powerful yet lovingly tender--He draws His children in close as a hen does her chicks :)
We are so very blessed to be His daughters :)
Love you little sister,